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Latest In Church News....

  Queen James Bible Claims To Be First-Ever 'Gay Bible' 
  Pastor Jack Hakimian Demands Apology From Miami School 
   Texas Mega-Church Pastor Jerome McNeil

   Juanita Bynum Confession
   Philly Pastor Jomo boycott of video Amen by rapper Meek Mill 
   Boston Pastor Michael Louis Kinnapped in Middle East

   NAACP Gay Marriage Position Gets Protest From Black Clergy
Glorious Church Fights For Rights...Neighbors Complaining
    Pastor jailed for holding home bible studies
    After Pastor Iseminger killed in church, church pulls together

Bishop Eddie Long- Did Not Step Down -Takes A Leave
    Brian Johnson Wins Appeal - Give Bibles @ Gay Pride Parade
Chicago Pastor On Nationwide Walk To End Urban Violence

Rev. Fred Luter, Elected First Black President of SBC
    Bis Freddie Haynes defends Obama Marriage Equality
Creflo Dollar: "I should never have been arrested" 
    MegaPastor Creflo Repsonds To Arrest

    Oscar Duncan, Minister Known As 'Choir Boy,' Killed At 23
   'Serpent-Handling' W. Virginia Pastor Dies From Snake Bite

Pastor's anti-gay sermon triggers emotional responses
Police have 3rd suspect in Pastor Marvin Winans' carjacking
 R. W. Scahambach Memorial Arrangements
Black church rightful owner of KKK store
    Pastor opens tattoo parlor inside Michigan church
    Did the Last Supper occur on Wednesday?
    Megachurch wants choir to sign Anti-gay contract
    Pastor gives congregation $10,000 to do good deeds
    Obama at National Prayer Day speaks on Christian faith
    Woman Burns Dog Alive for chewing Bible
    Autopsy of Pastor Zachary Tims is inconclusive!
    Did the Last Supper occur on Wednesday?
    Top Broadcast (Joyce Myers, Creflo...) Probe is ended!
     President Obama -Albertina Walker
     Queen of Gospel, Albertina Walker
     Follow Up on the 4 Killed in ChurchVan
   Church Van overturns- 4 dies
     Pastor survives killer bees attack
     Obama Christian by choice
     Bishop Jakes - Bishop Long scandal
     Bishop Moales Funeral Arrangements
     Bishop Kenneth Moales heart attack
     Bishop Kenneth Moales passes
     Pastor Marvin Sapp wife passes
     Pastor cancels burning of Qurans
     Church warned against burning Koran
     Clerk uses her faith to stop robber
     Burn a Koran Day

       Sunday's Best - 79 yr old
     Playboy slams : Jesus with nudity
     Supreme Ct. to colleges -No funding
     Megachurches on a Building Boom
     Gov. Jindal oks guns in churches
     DC Woman drops suit over church's gay marriage
     Pastor Randy Cunningham loss
          Churches to comply with FCC ruling on wireless
     City lifts ban on Bible program
     Comedy Central Protect Muhammad and Mock Jesus?
     Touchdown Jesus statue will be rebuilt
     Qtr. million Statue of Jesus burns down
     Pastor Gives Members Permission to Skip Church
     Church roof sends 12 to hospital  
     FCC ruling affects churches
     Federal wireless ban may cost churches
     Pastor Hires, Transform ExCons
     Woman beaten to death in church
     IRS Nears Action on Church Pensions
     Real Story of Girl Found - Rescuer: ‘Lord led me’
     Oral Roberts passing  
     VA jail removes Bible verses from letters to inmate
      T D Jakes House Explosion
     Judges: No Bible at Pa. school
     Church gives out $50K church members
     Mother found guilty in prayer death case
      The Bible Bill
      Christian refuses to drive atheist bus
       Proposed Law Allow Guns in Churches
      Racist Graffiti on Church Van
      Church fire intentionally set in NC

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