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This just in...

Apostle John Boyd Sr. passes

Ga. Pastor, Dad-To-Be Killed In Drug Sting

This pastor must learn - God called us to Love - not Hate

Pastor found dead in church

Top 5 Bible verse

Interesting note from the 11 Things website

2000 backpacks donated - God tells Pastor to give

6 shot outside a church after a funeral

Is this a sign that churches will have to screen there music better?

Communion on the Moon- it really happened!

Christian doctor is fired for not supporting gay couple adoption

VA jail removes Bible verses from letters to inmate

Jackson memorial makes pastor a star

IRS loosens grip on Christian church

The world old Bible reunited online

Obama chooses church - Evergreen Chapel @ Camp David

Church's cash handout part of 'faith stimulus'

Baptist convention to bring 40,000 to Detroit

Sunpapers article on Pastor Nathaniel Higgs

Largest "Jesus Loves You" found by Google Earth

Pastor on the campus of Duke University prays for Obama end

T D Jakes House Explosion

Judges: No Bible at Pa. kindergarten show and tell

Jonathan Nelson's gospel ministry goes to Florida

Church gives out $50,000 to church members

Mother found guilty in prayer death case

The Bible Bill

Christian refuses to drive atheist bus

Church leaders condemn Government decision to retain DNA

Proposed Law Would Allow Guns in Churches

Racist Graffiti on Church Van Shocks Pastor

Church fire intentionally set in North Carolina

Obama's mother posthumously baptized into LDS Church

Pastor Timothy Wright's homegoing service was heldMay 4 th

Visit the Reverend's MySpace page for updated and official information

Lord Help With Church Signs

Florida Approves "Jesus License Plate"
Update - License Plate Bill did not pass


       Registration for National Bible Bee extended - $100, 000 top prized

       Israel Opens Jesus Trail

       US teacher sued over bible lesson

Woman Charged With Pointing Shotgun In Church
       NC church encourages Twitter to spread word

        Still preaching at 99 years

        Atheists offer ‘Ten Tips for Christian Evangelists’

        Pastor's home engulfed in gunfire

        'Great Sex' sermons get church in trouble

        Marlon Wayans to follow the Bible

        Dove Awards 2009

        Gospel father 'Pop' Winans dies

        Hezekiah Walker is elevated to a Bishop

        Oldest New Testament Bible heads into cyberspace  - www.codex-sinaiticus.net

        Televangelist Kenneth Copeland refuses to render unto taxman
        Lawrence Roberts passes (Savoy Record Company Owner who worked with James Cleveland)

        China on track for Bible boom

        Can you sue God's publishers?