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Illinois Church Happenings
RHEMA Affiliated Ministries (RAM)

Radical End Time Ministries International, Inc.
11026 S. Indiana Ave (Temp. Location)
Chicago, IL
Apostle Renaldo Morgan, Pastor

June 8th-June 24th - 7th Year Anniversary

Anointed Vessel Ministries
1543 S Pulaski Rd
Chicago, IL
Bishop Timothy B Pleasant, Sr. DD., Pastor

Trinity United Church of Christ
400 West 95th Street
Chicago, Illinois
Pastor Otis Moss

The Empowerment Worship Center
1504 W. 63rd Street
Chicago, Illinois

Apostle Robbie Peters, Pastor

Monument of Faith Church
2750 West Columbus Avenue
Chicago, IL

Apostle R.D. Henton, Pastor

ACME Missionary Baptist Church
8758 S. Peoria Street
Chicago, IL
Dr. Bernard Sutton, Pastor

postolic Faith Church

3823 South Indiana Ave.
Chicago, IL

First Corinthians Missionary Baptiist Church
1529 Elizabeth Avenue North
Chicago, IL
Pastor Eugene Roberson

Sept. 25th - Appreciation Program

Victory Apostolic Church
20801 Matteson Avenue
Matteson Drive, IL
Pastor Andrew Singleton, Jr.

Sept. 24th -      Stir Up the Gifts Talent Show - 7:30pm

Sept.r 25th --    Unity Brunch and Worship Service - 10:30am

Sept. 26th -       Women's Weekend - Sunday Worship Service - 8:30am & 11:30am

Antioch Baptist Church
6248 S. Stewart Avenue
Chicago, IL
Rev. Dr. Gerald Dew, Pastor


Sept. 17th              Pastor Dew and Antioch Baptist Church will fellowship with New Memorial Baptist Church,
6844 S. Indiana Ave, Chicago

Cathedral of Holy Bible International
1021 E 78th Street
Chicago, IL
Dr. Booker Person, Pastor

Christ Apostolic Church
8157 S. Exchange Ave.
Chicago, IL
Pastor Joshua O. Owoeye, Ph.D

Church Crusaders West
6150 W North Avenue
Chicago, IL

Apostle Daryl O'Neil, Pastor

Broadview Missionary Baptist Church
2100 S. 25th Avenue
Broadview, IL
Rev. Clarence Hopson, Pastor

Bethel Apostolic Faith Church
11625 S. State Street
Chicago, IL

Sweet Holy Spirit Church

944 W. 103rd Street
Chicago, Illinois
Bishop Larry Trotter

Apostolic Whole Truth Church
1513 W 69th Street
Chicago, IL
Pastor Willie R Wallace

ellowship Missionary Baptist Church
45th Place and Princeton Avenue
Chicago, IL 60609
Pastor Charles Jenkins

Prayer and Faith Outreach Ministries
6905-07 S. Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60621
Presbyter William Hudson, III, M. Miv.

DuPage AME Church
4300 Yackley Avenue
Lisle, ILL
Rev. Dr. James Miller, Pastor

Faith Temple Church Of God In Christ
7158 South Peoria Street
Chicago, Illinois 60621
Elder William H. Allen, Pastor

Living Word Christian Center
7600 W. Roosevelt Road
Forest Park, Illinois
Pastor William S. Winston

Mt Hermon Baptist Church

7848 S. Normal Avenue
Chicago, IL
Pastor Oscar T Moses

Spreading the Word Worship Center
2728 E. 79th St.
Chicago, Illinois
Pastor Jeff Holliday

Apostolic Pentecostal Church
11401 S. Vincennes Avenue
Chicago, IL

Bethel Apostolic Church
1305 W Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL

Chicago Tabernacle

2525 N Talman AVe
Chicago, IL

First Corinthian Baptist Church
7500 S. Halstead Street
Chicago, IL

Chicago Apostolic Church
2511 W North Avenue
Chicago, IL

Addison Street Baptist Church
1242 W. Addison Street
Chicago, IL

Grace and Truth Apostolic Church
302 W 51st Street
Chicago, IL

Alpha Temple Baptist Church
6701 S. Emerald Avenue
Chicago, IL

Home Mission Apostolic Church
7253 S. Halstead Street
Chicago, IL

House of Prayer Ministries
1802 W 63rd Street
Chicago, IL

Antioch Baptist Church
342 W. 70th Street
Chicago, IL

Light House Apostolic Church
4601 S. State Street
Chicago, IL

Armitage Baptist Church
2451 N. Kedzie
Chicago, IL
Pastor Charles Lyons

Lively Stone Apostolic Church of God
622 W. 120th Street
Chicago, IL
District Elder George E. Shaw, Pastor

Ashburn Baptist Church
3647 W. 83rd Street
Chicago, IL

Living Water Apostolic Church
7103 S. Racine Avenue
Chicago, IL

Asia Missionary Baptist Church
2140 S. Pulaski Road
Chicago. IL

New Apostolic Church
3753 N. Troy Street
Chicago, IL

Baptist Church
9322 S. Halstead Street
Chicago, IL

One Way Apostolic Church
4639 W. Washington Blvd
Chicago, IL

Beacon Light Baptist Church
8803 S. Harvard Avenue
Chicago, IL

RHEMA Apostolic Faith Church
1441 W. 79th St.
Chicago, Il

Beautiful Gate Baptist Church
5931 S. Wentworth Avenue
Chicago, IL

Shiloh Apostolic Church
6028 S. Racine Avenue
Chicago IL

Beautiful Zion Baptist Church
1406 W. 64th St
Chicago, IL

Victory Apostolic Faith Church
8053 S. May Street
Chicago, IL

Bethel Apostolic Church
5433 W. Jackson Blvd
Chicago, IL

Apostolic Little Rock Church
8020 S. Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL

Beersheba Baptist Church
259 Pershing Road
Chicago IL

Behold of Faith Baptist Church
1651 W 63rd Street
Chicago, IL

Bellevue Baptist Church
10700 S. Emerald Avenue
Chicago, IL

Berean Baptist Church
5147 S. Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL

Beth Eden Baptist Church
11121 S. Loomis Street
Chicago, IL

Bethal Green Baptist Church
5619 W. Madison Street
Chicago, IL

Bethany Baptist Church
3532 S. Hoyne Avenue
Chicago, IL

Bethsaida MB Baptist Church
5656 S. Sangamon Street
Chicago, IL

Bibleway Baptist Church
3255 W. Adams Street
Chicago, IL

Body of Christ Missionary Baptist Church
2410 W 53rd Street
Chicago, IL

Bowmanville Baptist Church
5301 N Linco Lane
Chicago, IL

Brotherly Love Baptist Church
3801 W. Cermak Road
Chicago, IL

Burning Bush Baptist Church
946 W. 69th Street
Chicago, IL

Calvary Baptist Church
10901 S. Avenue L
Chicago, IL

Calvary Baptist Church
2309 E. 80th Street
Chicago, IL

Calvary Baptist Church
8247 S. Jeffery Boulevard
Chicago, IL

Calvary Hill Baptist Church
333 E. 69th Street
Chicago, IL

Calvary Temple Baptist Church
4426 S. Princeton Avenue
Chicago, IL

Canaan Baptist Church
6659 S Harvard Avenue
Chicago, IL

Central Memorial Missionary Baptist Church
249 N Kedzie Avenue
Chicago, IL

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