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   RHEMA is happy to announce a new and exciting program, loaded with benefits, to assist ministries with media.

  Save your special event or service for more to experience!

  It's true the videotaping is FREE!

  See Many Samples Tapings by clicking this link

Below is a sample commercial for a Convocation in North Carolina
Normally, when you want to use a videographer, there is a charge of around $100-$500. Usually with you receiving a DVD copy of the event. RHEMA will do the videotaping for free. The only requirement is with the copy of the event. If you want a copy, you are required to purchase 3 copies of the DVD for only $15. The videotaping is free. You only pay for the copy of the DVD.

  Plus, RHEMA will use the tape to broadcast in some of its new media outlets.

  Contact RHEMA to schedule your event.

  This program is effective immediately