"God Has A RHEMA For You!
P. O. Box 39742, Baltimore, MD 21212


Abundant Life Tabernacle - www.ALTtabernacle.org (Bishop Jasper Rolle)
Appointed Vision Ministries - www.AppointedVision.org
Beth Rapha (Pastor Jackie McCollough) - www.rizpah.org
Christian Cultural Center - www.cccinfo.org
Citadel of Praise & Worship- www.citadelofpraiseandworship.org
Deliverance Christian Center - www.DeliveranceChristianCenter.net
First Pentecostal Deliverance Tabernacle- www.FirstPentecostalDT.com  
Grace Baptist Church - www.GraceBapt.org    
Greater Allen Cathedral - www.allencathedral.org  
Heavenly Glow Deliverance Church - www.HeavenlyGlowChurch.org
Highway Church
Holy Ghost Upper Room Filing Station - www.PastorDorisJohnson 
Love Fellowship Ministries
- www.LoveFellowship.com
New Greater Bethel Ministries - www.ngbm.org
New Life Cathedral - www.nlclife.org
Perfecting Faith Church - www.PerfectingFaith.org (Pastor Donnie McClurkin)
Pilgrim Cathedral of Harlem - Pilgrimharlem.org
Raw International Ministries - www.RAW internationalMinistries.org
Redeem Church Inc - www.RedeemChurchInc.org

360 Ministries - www.360ministriesFC.net
Agapi Fellowship Supportive Services - www.AgapiFellowshipServices.com
Behold All Things Become New Ministries - www.BeholdAllThings.com
Bibleway Churches Worldwide
(Bis. H Rogers) - www.biblewaychurch.org
Director4Life - www.Director4Life.com
Dr Mayfield Bible Ministries = www.DrMayfieldBibleMinistries.org
Minister Virgie Middleton - www.YesICanDoMinistries.com
Pastor Denise McCullen - PastorDeniseMcCullenMinistries.org

Pastor Doris Johnson  -www.PastorDorisJohnson.org 

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