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Reggie White
Great NFL
Player & Preacher
RHEMA is just starting the listing of Ohio churches and ministries call RHEMA or drop us an email if you desire to be added.

FOR A LIST OF CLEVELAND CHURCES AND MINISTRIES - CLICK HERE Akron Baptist Temple - www.ABTnet.org                                    
Canton Christiuan Fellowship - www.CCFChurch.com

Columbus Christian Center
- www.EILM.org
Cornerstone Church - www.
Crossroads Community Church - www.CrossroadsCommunity.net
Hudson Community Chapel - www. HudsonChapel.org
First Church of God - www.1stChurch.net
Joshua Generation Ministries - www.JoshuaGenerationMinistries.com
New Salem Baptist Church - www.NewSalemCares.com
Solid Rock Church - www.SolidRockChurch.org
The Chapel - www.The-Chapel.org
Vineyard Church of Columbus - www.VineyardColumbus.org
Vineyard Community Church - www.CincyVineyard.com
World Harvest Church - www.BreakThrough.net
Xenos Christian Fellowship - www.Xenos.org

Debbie Young - www.DebbieYoungMinistries.org
Word Smith Images - www.WordSmithImages.com

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