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Dr. Robert Robinson
Dr. Robinson has authored many books including Hebrews Chapter Nine “The Interpretation”, The Necessity for Leadership “A Time to Work”, “The Ministry of the Tabernacle,” “Can these Bones Live?” and “Build Me a House.” Dr Robinson is also a gifted songwriter and musician, and a pastor to many pastors.
Sabrina D. Black
Christina Dixon
Pamela J Hudson
Brenda A Jenkins
Healing, Encouragement, and Loving Perspective for Overwhelmed Leaders.
   --- Foreword by Dr. Nod Adams & Dr. Myles Monroe
   This is a wonderful resource for leaders and those who love them and desire God's best in their lives. Though leaders are often the last to admit they need help, this book will help us all help our leaders. I trust many will glean how to encourage, pray for and admonish leaders from this book.

Rebecca F Osaigbovo
Author, Speaker
Chosen Vessels Ministries
Detroit, MI

    I highly recommend this book as a leadership tool written by authors who are successful leaders themselves. They are also insightful into the subject of leadership because of their background in the field of counseling and therapy ministering to people in authority.

Dr. Willie Richardson
Sr. Pastor, Christian Stronghold Baptist Church
Philadelphia, PA

  Leading others can be an overwhelming task. As Christian leaders we are challenged to be an example of how to live at home, at work and at play. Yet, when in crisis themselves many leaders fail to get the help they need. Is this the example we want to leave leaders we mentor?
   Black, Dixon, Hudson & Jenkins say, "No! Now is the time to model how to reach out for help."
   The truths explained by these authors will bring harmony to out of sync moments and understanding during times wehn you feel buried by the demands of a leader's life. While providing an opportunity to look at leadership with new eyes, this book can also serve as an inspirational resource tool to be used by professionals, pastoral and lay counselors, to assist them in ministering effectively to those who lead.
     A testament to the fact that when our hopes and aspirations are anchored on Almighty God, that even when confronted by the worst adversity, we are empowered to hold on to hope, even when all rational grounds for holding on have been destroyed  
    Commenting on the life of a prominent government official who buckled under the enormous pressures of his responsibilities while serving in the Clinton White House and unfortunately committed suicide, a journalist declared that the official’s one failure in life was the fact that he never really learned how to “fail.”
    In this helpful and insightful handbook, the author reminds us of this basic, but important lesson by making reference to select individuals that have attained the status of biblical heroes, in addition to other prominent personalities of yesteryears and the current time.
   As we examine the lives of those who are frequently thought of as having attained perfection, we are sobered by the reality that we are “mere mortals with feet of clay.” But by throwing the spotlight on the enduring legacy of these larger-than-life individuals, we are better able to understand how God uses the mistakes of the past to produce miracles for the future living of our days.
   This remarkable treatise addressing the subject of failure, challenges present day followers of the great Galilean, Jesus Christ, to define their discipleship as fellow strugglers with the heroes and heroines of the Bible. On our pilgrim journey on planet earth, we travel in their sandal tracks and as they developed the capacity to comprehend the deeper dimensions of God’s amazing grace by anchoring their future aspirations on His promises, so shall we. For if these individuals were able to accomplish enormous success in the midst of horrific pressures when they were subjected to the crucible of adversity, then there is hope for the rest of us. So given the trials and tribulations that will inevitably befall us along the way, if and when we do fall, we can fall forward. We can fall forward into more faith, more hope and more love, because God will make of our failures a future – even a glorious future.

Rev. Dr. Arlee Griffin, Jr., D.Min.

Leary E Bonnett
   A testament to the fact that when our hopes and aspirations are anchored on Almighty God, that even when confronted by the worst adversity, we are empowered to hold on to hope, even when all rational grounds for holding on have been destroyed.
Leary E Bonnett
   I would like to reference letters from Rev. India Marable of Brooklyn who stated: "I could not put down Joy Cometh In The Morning after I started reading it." Also, Rev. Lenox Luncheon of Arverne, new York, stated: "I found Joy Cometh In The Morning to be a source of inspiration and an encouragement to me, as it pertains to my own endeavors as an author."

The Bible reminds us that the symbols of the cross and resurrection testify to the faith and hope that suffering can issue new life. (pp 26)

Even in the dark edges of human existence when God's very pesence seems profoundly hidden from us and we rail at Him for not apparing to be on top of things, we could still discover His immanent, tender presence, operative in our midst. (pp 27)

Even though we might at times be rendered powerless to change the way our world spins, it is entirely within our power to change the direction we are facing - regardless of the way this unwilling world may turn. The decision to look to the Source from which our help comes will change the world for us, because it changes our relationship with the world. (pp 48)

No matter how dark days might appear, the redemptive impulse of God remains present and operative in human life. (pp 114)