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   RHEMA is happy to announce a new program, loaded with benefits, to assist ministries with media. For ministries, with or without video ministry, RHEMA has a program to lift the ministry to audiences locally and nationally.
   For ministries without a video ministry, RHEMA is making available video camera plans that start at $250. If the ministry has a video ministry, the cost is less.
   The video media will be connected to a RHEMA broadcast and a National News Program. Both the Christian Broadcast and the National News will generate a greater audience for all ministries participating with RHEMA. Additionally, RHEMA is granting free commercials to all who sign up this month with RHEMA Television.

Benefits of Video Program (No Video Camera)
1. A New Video Camera
2. Online Advertisements in your area and two neighboring states
3. Basic Training for video taping
4. Newspaper Advertisement (in your city or selected city) –TV Guide listing
5. Free Ad on RHEMA Christian Broadcast or National News (30 sec or 1 minute commercial)
6. 1000 Postcards to announce broadcast (optional - $100 add’l charge)
7. Early choice of time slots

This program is effective immediately

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